Rare Bonus Tracks On Streaming & 10 Inch Vinyl


Two bonus tracks written and recorded for Sahg's 2006 debut album Sahg I is now available on Spotify and other digital platforms!

Domno Abyssus / Tyrant Empire is also released as a limited edition 10 inch vinyl in only 300 copies, on indie record label Fresh Tea.

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'Sahg I' Double Vinyl And Tour

On October 19th, we are re-releasing our classic debut album, Sahg I, on vinyl for the very first time! It will be available as a double LP on silver or classic black vinyl. The album will be re-mastered and also re-released digitally.

Sahg I caught great attention both inside and outside the metal world when it came out in 2006, with its catchy, doom-leaded heavy metal, inspired by Black Sabbath and other heavy rock pioneers of the 70s and 80s, but with an occult, Norwegian twist.

When Sahg I was first released 12 years ago, CD was still the thing, even though the songs were born to be on vinyl and heavily inspired by rock and metal from the golden age of LPs. Ever since it came out and up to this day, fans have asked to get this album on vinyl. So, it is a true pleasure to finally make this a reality.

The album will include the ten original tracks and will be available as a double LP. The highly detailed, ornamented artwork has been re-designed to a beautiful gatefold sleeve, with printed inner sleeves including all the lyrics, production details and liner notes. Special edition packages will include a signed and hand-numbered art print and a 10 inch vinyl single featuring two "lost tracks" that were excluded from the album.

Sahg I Tour 2018

This fall, Sahg will play some shows across Norway, featuring songs from Sahg I:

19 Oct Tribute / Sandnes (w/Magick Touch)
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20 Oct Garage / Bergen (w/Magick Touch)
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9 Nov Krøsset / Oslo (w/Hex A.D.)
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10 Nov The Note / Sandefjord (w/Hex A.D.)
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Since Sahg I first came out, Sahg has released another four critically acclaimed albums, toured Europe, Asia and North-America, and played numerous festivals around Europe.

Sahg I entered the Norwegian album charts at #31 and received brilliant reviews from international media:
10/10 Metal Heart (DE)
9/10 Rock Hard Magazine (DE)
8/10 Metal Hammer (UK)
4/5 Kerrang (UK)

Sahg plays Norway Rock Festival

We are happy to announce that we will play Norway Rock Festival in Kvinesdal, Norway, on Friday July 7th 2017. Also confirmed are Kvelertak, In Flames, Europe, and many others.

After our European tour with Opeth, we are ready for more live action! The tour following our new album, MEMENTO MORI, makes its way to Norway Rock Festival with a show displaying Sahg's powerful, dark energy, and a performance packed with doomy heavy metal highlights from all our five albums. Expect a band that will perform as if life depends on it. Because you never know – that might just be the case.

'Blood Of Oceans' lyric video premiere

Watch the new lyric video for Blood Of Oceans, from our new album Memento Mori. This is the first Sahg song ever to feature Norwegian lyrics. Blood Of Oceans was co-written by Wardruna frontman and original Sahg drummer, Einar Selvik.

"Blood Of Oceans is inspired by the history and tradition of living on the stormy western coast of Norway, where all the members of Sahg hail from. The ruthless conditions here makes the ocean the dominant force of nature, which has huge impact on the lives of those who live as its nearest neighbors – in good ways, and in bad. The ocean giveth and the ocean taketh away. It has a god-like role in these people's lives, similar to how the old Norsemen related to nature. Former band member Einar Selvik also shares this background. He has grown to become one of the most prominent artists and composers in norse-inspired music, and we are very pleased that he wanted to contribute, and lift the song to new heights."
– Olav Iversen, Sahg

The song was co-written by Wardruna frontman and original Sahg drummer, Einar Selvik, who also contributed on the recording. His trademark sound is clearly present, with pagan inspired vocals and the use of old Norse instruments like the Tagelharp – well known from his work with Norse powerhouse Wardruna. 

Einar Selvik explains: 

It was an instant match for me, and Olav's lyrical concept for the song was very inspiring and made it easy to work with. It's a killer song, and after hearing the whole album I have to say that I am really impressed with how the group continue to grow, evolve and continue to make interesting music of high quality after all these years."

Both the band and Einar hail from the stormy west coast of Norway, where the powers of the ocean create much life, but also demand sacrifices.


Opeth & Sahg European Tour 2016. 

Opeth & Sahg European Tour 2016. 

We are very honored and excited to join as direct support act to Opeth, on their upcoming European tour! We consider Opeth as one of the true greats of progressive metal, who has been in the front of renewing the metal genre over the last couple of decades. They have been a huge influence on Sahg for years, therefore this will surely be a unique experience for us and the best possible opportunity to present Sahg and our new record, MEMENTO MORI, to the great rock and metal audience of Europe - so bring on this tour!!


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Oct 28 - Bambi Galore, Hamburg, DE*

Oct 29 - Vortex Surfer, Siegen, DE*

Oct 30 - Dutch Doom Days, Rotterdam, NL*

Oct 31 - Trauma Marburg, Marburg, DE*

Nov 01 - Rockhouse, Salzburg, AT*

Nov 02 - DasBACH, Vienna, AT*

Nov 03 - Backstage, Munchen, DE*

Nov 04 - Generator Festival , Karlsruhe, DE*

Nov 05 - Leafmeal Festival, Dortmund, DE*

Nov 06 - Oslo Konserthus, Oslo, NO**

Nov 07 - DR Konserthuset, Copenhagen, DK**

Nov 08 - Docks, Hamburg, DE**

Nov 10 - Arena, Vienna, AT**

Nov 11 - LKA Longhorn Stuttgart, DE**

Nov 12 - Theaterfabrik Munich, DE**

Nov 13 - Volkshaus, Zurich, CH**

Nov 14 - Alcatraz, Milan, IT**

Nov 16 - E-werk, Cologne, DE**

Nov 17 - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, BE**

Nov 18 - 013, Tilburg, NL**

Dec 16 - Docile, Hamar, NO*


*Sahg & Jess And The Ancient Ones w/Powder for Pigeons

**Opeth – special guest: Sahg


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'Memento Mori' out now!

It's finally out! The new album 'MEMENTO MORI'!

"Insanely good album that confirms their position as one of the pillars of Norwegian hard rock/metal."
Metal Hammer Norway (9/10)


We are proud and very excited about finally releasing MEMENTO MORI to the world. It has been a long, hard journey into the dark and back to create this album, and now it is finally here. Press play, turn up loud, and enjoy!


Listen to MEMENTO MORI on Spotify

'MEMENTO + MORI' album pre-premiere

Order MEMENTO + MORI from the official Sahg Shop!

Order MEMENTO + MORI from the official Sahg Shop!


Our new album, MEMENTO + MORI, is pre-premiering now – check out the links below and stream the whole album!


Terrorizer (UK)

Metal Hammer Norway

Legacy - The Voice From The Dark Side (DE)

Kaaoszine (FI)

Lords Of Metal (NL)

Friedhof Magazine (SP)

Metalitalia.com (IT)

Rocking.gr (GR)

Ultraje (PT)

Metal-Roos (AUT)

Andfari (IS)


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LP/CD preorder:

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'Black Unicorn' - new video & single

Black Unicorn is the new single and music video, from the upcoming album Memento Mori, out Sep 23.

The video was directed by Benjamin Langeland and produced by Flimmer Film.


“During the making of Memento Mori, Black Unicorn stood out as a single and opening track of the album. The idea was to introduce the album with an eerie atmosphere and unsettling tension that you would instantly tap into and want to explore further. From the uncomfortable relief of the chorus, the song twists and turns into something quite different than I hope many would expect. Black Unicorn is a call for caution against radicalism in general. All ideologies end up murdering the innocent when taken too far. This is truly one of our all-time stand-out tracks, that we will bring with us into the future.
We left it in the hands of film director Benjamin Langeland and his crew at Flimmer Film to create the video for Black Unicorn. We had our initial thoughts and ideas for the aesthetic direction, but Benjamin took it his own way. And looking at how it turned out, we are very happy that he did. He turned it into a horror universe of medieval sorts, with a story that turns from dark to pitch black in the end. My daughter Stella is starring in the video, and she made daddy very proud, by giving a stellar performance.”
- Olav Iversen, Sahg


Sahg heads out on the road along with Jess And The Ancient Ones and Powder For Pigeons in October and November. We look forward to get out and perform the songs from the new album – Memento Mori – along with our best from the past!

Dates and tickets:

28/10 Hamburg + Bambi Galore

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29/10 Siegen + Vortex Surfer

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30/10 Rotterdam + Dutch Doom Days

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01/11 Salzburg + Rockhouse

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02/11 Wien + DasBach

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03/11 München + Backstage

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04/11 Karlsruhe + Generator Festival

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05/11 Dortmund + Leafmeal Festival

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In collaboration with Bergen's finest brewery, 7 Fjell Bryggeri, Sahg invites to a very special album pre-listening and beer tasting event at Beyond The Gates V. Along with all the songs on the upcoming Sahg album, 'Memento Mori', we will serve eight especially selected beers from 7 Fjell, one brew for each song. 8 songs + 8 brews.

Introducing the songs and the beers will be the members of Sahg and Brewmaster at 7 Fjell Bryggeri, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen.

As an extra treat, we will screen an exclusive world pre-premiere of our new video, 'Black Unicorn'!

There is only a very limited number of tickets available, so do not hesitate!

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'Memento Mori' will be out Sep 23rd on Indie Recordings.

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new album – Memento Mori – now available for pre-order


Watch the video for the new single,
'Black Unicorn'

New single – 'Sanctimony' – out now

Sanctimony is the perfect first single from Memento Mori, because it tells a lot about what this album is: versatile, unpredictable, relentlessly uncompromising, and very heavy. It has a disturbing darkness to it, an untamed lunacy, and a soft shimmer of light. What begins as a twisted, heavy stomper, ends up growing into a wretched monster, that clocks in at 7 minutes, 30 seconds. So, yeah, it is the perfect single.

"Hide behind a shield of religion and let it justify your evil deeds."

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